UPDATE: The takeover is NOW over on the featured account. BUT you can STILL get your free 7 day pass if you follow the directions below! And add me on Snap. Username: KLtty.Katt, or go to the bottom of the page where you will find my snap code!

Today I am doing a SnapChat Takeover on the account: makemoneyadult . You can add this SnapChat user account by the username or by scanning the user code available here. Follow for a lot of teasers, naughty stuff and NUDES! I am just getting started too!

To make it more fun I thought I would give away 100 Free 7 (SEVEN) Day Passes to Members ONLY content! What’s in the Members Only Content? Well you can read about it here for all the details. Video Clips, pictures, teasers, nudes, and live streams. It’s so much better than Snapchat because the content *NEVER* disappears!

How to get your Free Pass!

I am hosting a scavenger hunt. The first qualified* 100 guys to have all the answers get the FREE pass. You will find the answers to the scavenger hunt in any of my social media accounts and on my website. You can find click the icons at the bottom of the page to add me on your Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat, or you can find the links below.

Some of the questions are REALLY easy. Some you will have to look for in today’s SnapChat. Don’t forget to check my other social media accounts and my website to find the answers. And Good Luck!

  1. What is my cat’s name?
  2. How old will I be on my upcoming birthday?
  3. What am I doing for my birthday?
  4. What is my favorite lingerie company?
  5. There are a couple of TV shows I am currently OBSESSED with. Name one of them.
  6. In which branch of Military Service did I serve?
  7. What did I do before I started in the Adult Business?
  8. What is my cup size (breasts)?
  9. What size are my feet (US size)? ANSWER: Size 9.5 US (I couldn’t get the clip to upload into SC)
  10. What color is my hair?
  11. What color are my eyes?
  12. Are you following my personal SnapChat account? (Please provide user name)
Found the Answers? Now to Claim the Pass!
  • Send me your answers via the contact form on my website, which is found here.
  • Please include a contact email so that I can send you your free pass.
  • Include your username so that I can give you your free pass!
  • You will be awarded your pass with in 24-48 hours.
  • If you are unable to claim your free pass, the next person with all the answers will be awarded that pass.
    • So, even if you are late to the game, it is still worth looking for the answers!

*How do you get your username? It’s simple and free! You will need to create a FREE account here. You are NOT charged.

Let me know if you have any questions at all! And happy hunting!


*Membership services are provided through OnlyFans.

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