IndieBill: A Failing Company Use with Caution

Why trust a failing company with your business? Contact me now for a better option

When IndieBill made it’s debut in 2016, it had so much potential. They were only one of two processors that offered 85% payout. And the ONLY processor in the adult industry that allowed usĀ  to set up a “store.” IndieBill was also offering to build websites for free for performers who signed up with them. Issues quickly appeared. Though most people chalked it up to them being new, a start up, taking on too much, it’s a small company, among other excuses. It’s been a bumpy ride that has only gotten bumpier.

You Have Options. Don’t be stuck with a failure.

Now we have more options. IB is no longer the only processor on the market that allows users to make their own store. IB is one of among several processors with an 85% payout. You do have choices. Make sure you are making an informed one. IB is failing. Failing its clients (you, the performer and content creator), failing your customers, failing as a processor. Failing.

(Want to know what a store is and why you should be using one and NOT sending your clients to a cam or clip store? Make sure to subscribe to read my upcoming post.)

When I joined IndieBill, I was built a beautiful site. That was riddled with errors. And I had more than $3,000 awaiting payout. Then suddenly there were crickets from IB administration. I was owed payment for almost 8 weeks. No emails were returned. My website errors never fixed, not minor errors, but errors such as my Skype ID being wrong. My email was wrong. Products weren’t updated. So if a client did purchase any services, which happened, my customers and I had no way to contact each other. I finally got in touch with IndieBill front man, Gerald Billoir through Skype, only for more excuses. He told me he had a nervous breakdown. Turns out, many people had similar experiences with IB. Apparently, there was no back up plan for the event of an absence. So disgusted, I built my own website.

IndieBill: Over-leveraged and Short on Cash?

For a while, things were relatively uneventful with IndieBill. But then, suddenly, some payments were being declined. These weren’t fraudulent transactions, as the transaction went through immediately on camsites with strong anti-fraud protections. Transactions being declined is a problem that appears to be growing, even though IB sometimes admits it and sometimes denies it. Long term regulars who had been paying for over a year on IB are suddenly being declined. Theory from industry professionals is that IB was being hit with so many charge-backs (because they allowed transactions from countries most ban for fraud) that they were tweaking their anti-fraud parameters.

Don't trust a failing company
Why risk your earnings with a failure. You have options.

In January of this year, IB bought the controlling share of CMD. A camsite riddled with issues. The former owner is very much present, as his IP address is the only one that is associated with the CMD support Skype account. (With the exception of Gerald’s which has shown up a couple of times as logged into the CMD Skype Support). Since IB bought the controlling share through a shell LLC, EliteIT, registered in the state of Florida, paying performers late seems to be the norm. And the number of client payments being declined went up.

Late Payments. Every Time.

Even though CMD is waning in popularity and sales, (Alexa rankings show a strong downward trend), payments were never late once prior to IB becoming the majority owner. Since IB has taken over, payments have been late several times. Excuses abound. Software, glitches, etc. It is incredibly suspicious that late payments on CMD only started once the (probably) now over leveraged IB bought a controlling share.

Performers with IB accounts are being paid late too. Not all performers are paid late every time. Many times, when asked performers get a different excuse. But as best as I can gather, IB has told me that they manually do payments, so if I was told the truth, IB has to go through and manually issue payment individually for each performer. This seems ineffectual and not a system that is working. IB support is also quick to report (if they do respond to support requests) that they have 28 days to pay performers according to their TOS. Though I have not ever found this page. Just a page saying if you select ACH it takes about 3-5 days to reach your account.

Many reports abound in Adult Industry Professionals and Webmaster Circles that IndieBill is cash poor and over leveraged. That the late payments show how short on cash the company is. They invested in a failing camsite and can’t afford to pay their performers on time. It’s no secret that on the camsite IB has invested in, the sales, traffic, and earnings are a fraction of what they were a year ago. So are your earnings safe?

So why stay with a payment processor that doesn’t value you? Late payments in this industry are unacceptable. In a vanilla job, you would not ever tolerate an employer that paid you late. Not once, not twice, but nearly every pay period. Late. In this industry, we see sites closing and taking the earnings of models with them. Terminating accounts and withholding funds. Paying your users, models, and performers on time is a must in this industry. Why are you accepting late payments? You don’t have to anymore. Contact me now and I will get you registered for your own store.

IndieBill’s Problematic Terms of Service

IndieBill recently released updated policies which are unclear and not precise. By being so unclear, the new rules are subject to interpretation. And guess who’s interpretation IndieBill will go with even if there is an honest misunderstanding. Their new policies are so vague that your account can be closed for any reason IndieBill wishes.

Please note that “suggesting” a real life meeting may be possible will get your account terminated. How many customers have we had that fantasize about meeting us? Is entertaining their fantasy going to get your account closed and earnings withheld?

Take a look at the vague terms for Indiebill for yourself. They say you can’t sell access to a “third party site.” This precludes you from selling access to your private Snapchat, IG, or any membership sites. Simply put, if you can not upload it into IndieBill you cannot sell it.

It’s no secret that IndieBill’s video uploader has constant issues. To get around this problem, many performers sell videos for a tribute and send a link for customers to download videos from the performers cloud. Performers also often sell bundles of videos and allow customers to tribute and then send them the video links. Do that now, and IndieBill can close your account with out notice, and withhold all your earnings.

And you can’t make payment pages for undefined items with IndieBill. You can’t send clients to a tribute page to pay for a skypeshow. In our industry, it’s common for us to cut a discounted rate for a client who booked a long camshow with us. According to IndieBill rules, you can’t send them to a tribute link or a “pay for anything page.” Why risk account closure? Contact me and I will assist you in setting up your new store. Same 85% payout, same 100% Charge Back Coverage.

A Creepy Touch

Take a look at the top of the page where your products are listed. IndieBill over the past few weeks had a notice. It informs you that IndieBill manually reviews all products to ensure compliance. Reviews are normal and do ensure compliance. But think about what this means. Someone is (potentially) watching your videos to ensure that they comply with the very vague TOS and content policies (how else do the manually review all content). Do you really want a 27 year old man perving to your videos? The notice says an “independent team” but that isn’t defined. IndieBill is so cash strapped, there isn’t an entire other department to review videos. How many times have you contacted Gerald on Skype to have him tell you (or his Skype Status reporting) that he is working on payments. If he’s doing payments, support, development, do you really think there is an “independent team” reviewing your videos?

Don’t think he pervs? Think again. He has been unabashed in his crush on a performer who appears on the camsite sporadically. He literally gushes about her to other performers. When she was short on cash, he granted her new status on the camsite again. Affording her special privileges that he has never granted another performer. When it was pointed out to him, he reported it was an accident and quickly removed the “new” status

There is no way he could have granted her “new” status on the camsite accidentally. I worked admin for a long time for the site. An accident is impossible. You have to go into the admin panel, search that performers name. Then you click on that specific performer, scroll down and then in a very small window, you click, and toggle to NEW. It wasn’t an accident.

In Conclusion

It’s very clear that IndieBill has a credibility issue. Late payments to performers. Declined customer payments. Vauge Terms of Service with so much room for interpretation you could have your account terminated (and funds earned withheld) for any reason the administration wishes.

Don’t be stuck with a failure. Wanting to make a switch to a processor that has been around for years? An industry stalwart? The biggest name in Indie Camming? Contact me now, I will help you register and even help you integrate your new store into your website (if you need it).

Other Issues with IndieBill

  • Many pages through out their site is not secured (upcoming post on issues with non-secure websites) Please note the screenshots I provided. Go look through the different pages on the website. How many pages do you see with the “NOT SECURE” warning? One is too many.
    • It’s now free to encrypt your website. There is no excuse to not encrypt every page on every website.
    • pages that are not secure (https) leaves you and your customers vulnerable
  • Video Uploader constantly malfunctions
  • Videos have a price floor. While I myself have no issue with price floors, many performers do. When concerns are voiced, support has responded unprofessionally mocking the low prices of performers.
  • Even though IndieBill heavily promotes a 100% chargeback (up to 10 chargebacks a month), they often withhold or refund transactions citing reasons such as:
    • Skype show did not last the length of time the client purchased (though on the payment page it tells clients that unused minutes cannot be refunded)
  • Given the legislative tide, all sites that do business in the US need to strictly follow all laws. IndieBill does not. Filming with a partner? IB does not require you provide the ID of your partner.
  • IndieBill only included a 2257 section upon me badgering them into doing so. I was argued with that this was not necessary. It is if you do business in the US.
    • The above two are highly problematic, and issues I personally brought to IndieBill’s attention multiple times.
  • I don’t know if it is a flaw or human error, but several times I requested support change the email on my account. I was told by Gerald each time (if I got a response) he would forward the issues to the “development team.” It was never fixed. This may seem like a non-critical issue, but payment notifications are sent to a dead email that hasn’t existed for almost 2 years. How can something so simple as an email address be too much to fix?

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