Camming on a Budget

How to cam on a budget. Basic tips and tricks to setting up a great camroom and getting lingerie on a budget
No money to spare on decorating a camroom?
Can’t afford Victoria’s Secret lingerie for camming? Learn How to Cam on a Budget


Camming on a Budget

I hear it all the time, “I don’t have the money or the resources for (fill in the blank), so I can’t do as well at camming.” Don’t let that be an excuse. I started out on a camming on a budget and I made it. Sure, we all want to have dazzling rooms, Agent Provocateur lingerie, but that isn’t always feasible (or practical). Especially when just starting out. What you need to do is to learn how to cam on a budget.

I didn’t let monetary shortcomings hold me back, and neither should you. Way back when I was brand new to camming, my room was barren. I had a handful of pieces of cute lingerie, and that was it. A few clients commented on how bare things were. I was so embarassed I immediately set out to change that. Even on my tight budget.

I cam in my actual bedroom, so I wanted to really soften up the room and make it more inviting. I looked on Pinterest to find ideas on how to make the area around my bed more alluring. Window sheers (which I bought at the Goodwill) instantly improved my room. I had no natural light to speak of, so I had to improvise with soft lights around the room. Decor, almost all from the Goodwill is in my camming space (bedroom) still. Candelabras, armoires, and beautiful chairs with scarves draped over them decorate my room.

Take ideas you find on Pinterest and online as inspiration, and make your space unique and your own. A bare white wall behind you is so harsh, soften it up. Make your room draw the viewer in, especially if you are streaming.

Looking for affordable, practical, and sexy lingerie for camming? Check out this site for some beautiful options in all sizes for any body size & shape
Every camgirl needs sexy, practical and affordable Lingerie. Adore Me Lingerie meets all these criteria, in sizes from XS to 4XL.

Lingerie for camming on a budget

Another thing I hear girls say is that they don’t have lingerie. They can’t afford it, or they don’t like how they look in it. Sure I have designer collections of lingerie, but that isn’t practical for camming. I use those pieces for photo shoots and special occasions. Lube ruins everything. Even waterbased lube. You need sexy and practical. One of my favorite places for reasonably priced quality lingerie is Adore Me Lingerie.

If you are uncomfortable in how you look in lingerie, dress so you are comfortable. I wear a lot of chemises and babydolls with silk kimonos draped over them. That is how I am most comfortable. Some of the top girls on streaming sites cam in cut off T-shirts and cut off denim shorts and they make it work. I would look silly camming in that, because it is not me and doesn’t suit my personality. Find what works for you and what fits your personality.

Lovense Blu Tooth toys, a must for camming
Lovense Remote Controlled Blu Tooth toys shoud be an early investment for camming.

Toys, Vibrators & Dildos

Sometimes, camgirls think that they do not have the resources for “toys” (dildos, vibrators, etc…). I started with a terrible pink dildo and a plug in knock-off hitachi wand for a total of $30 from Amazon. That was it. I worked up my collection of toys, but you don’t need that to start with. As soon as you can afford it, I would recommend investing in a Lovense Blu Tooth product. These products are remote controlled and are in high demand, especially on streaming sites.

Finally, I hear girls saying that they do not have the money for professional photos. While I think it is a worthy investment, it isn’t necessary. Many girls do their own photos with their webcam or HD camera. I have quite a lot of photos I took on my own. And many of those are the ones clients like the most.

I started on (and try to maintain) a shoestring budget. So don’t let a lack of resources (monetary or otherwise) make you think you can’t make it as a camgirl. It takes a little ingenuity and work, but you can do it with out spending hundreds of dollars.

Want to learn some more basics of camming? Follow my Camming 101 series. Check out the article I wrote on lessons I learned in my first year.

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