Your Guide on How to build an Adult WebSite

Having your own website is a must in the Adult Business. Wondering why you should use a service like ModelCentro? Keep reading.
Having your own website is a must in the Adult Business. Wondering why you should use a service like ModelCentro? Keep reading.
Your Own Website, A Must For Any Business

Having your own website is a must in any business, and even more important in the Adult Industry. But it seems so overwhelming and you just don’t know where to begin. Hosting, domains, WordPress, HTML, all these are just so daunting. Building your own site, while rewarding, is a huge investment. There are even more difficulties because you are building an adult site. Most payment processors won’t work with adult businesses, or if they do, they charge higher fees. Many webhosts don’t work with adult businesses either.

ModelCentro offers you the perfect solution. A lot of things you have heard about MC in the past may be

Using the tools of <a href="">ModelCentro you can build a complete website</a> in hours.
Using the tools of ModelCentro you can build a complete website in hours.

misconceptions or outdated information. I always heard that they were a “membership” site platform. That is true, MC does give you the ability to turn your site into a “membership” site, but there is so much more to it than a membership site. With the tools available, you can have an online store, sell videos, skypeshows, accept tips, and even host live camshows. All this and MC hosts your site, gives you the tools, and even processes payments for you.

ModelCentro offers you the ability to do everything in one site. To test things out, I built a website using their platform in a matter of HOURS, not days! Seriously-take a look what I created in just one afternoon right here. There are loads of options on their platform as well, so you can track your revenues, rebills, add blog posts, photos and videos (free and available for purchase).

The website builder is incredibly easy. You can build your own site in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. This site you are on right now, I built over time and I am constantly working on it. It’s rewarding but it is a LOT of work and a lot of learning. With MC, it’s drag and drop. For your texts, you click and type. It’s that easy. You don’t have to worry about hosting fees and embedding payment links. With MC, it’s all done for you.

Now you can <a href=""sell access to your Private Snapchat and Instagram</a> and earn 75%
Now you can sell access to your Private Snapchat and Instagram and earn 75%

In this business, it isn’t uncommon for us to have profiles located all over the internet. With MC you can make it so your clients can find you in one place, your website. You promote your website, clients come to your site and then they can see the different places you are. You can link your camsite profile, your profile for skypeshows, wishlist, blog, social links and more. You can even sell access to your Snapchat and Instagram using MC’s program. For Snapchat and Instagram sales you get 75% payout when you set up your profile here.

Still on the fence? Wondering why you can’t do it all yourself and get a higher percentage on payouts?  Well, you can. It just takes A LOT more work. I have written another blog on building an adult site, you can read it here. For me, it is very rewarding to build websites, but it is so much work. A lot of learning new skills, researching, and continuous development. And then it takes a financial investment as well.

Just a Few Things You Will Need to Consider When Building a Website from Ground Up:
  • Buy your domain. You should do this anyway. It’s about $12 and an investment every person in our industry should make.
 $12-$15 annually
  • Secure hosting services. You need to research which hosting service suits your needs best, has customer support, and more.
 $100+ annually
  •  Learning how to navigate your hosting panel, uploading a website building platform, and other basic skills needed to merely get your website online
  •  Researching themes to find which one you like the best and suits your needs the best
  •  Consider investing in purchasing the license to the theme you decide on. While free versions exist, they are scaled down versions of the professional version available for purchase.
 $50 + annually
  • Everytime you need to do something new, you are going to have to research on your own how to do it. No support exists to walk you through things step by step.
  •  Plugins make your life easier with WordPress. Many free versions exist that help you, but many of them you will need to purchase the pro version to enjoy most of their benefits and support. This can range from one time fees to recurring licensing fees.
 $35 + EACH
  •  Security for your website. While there are free versions of security software, depending on your needs you will be paying for security software. And you are going to need to invest time into learning how to work the software. If you do not invest in security software, you will get hacked.
 $100 + annually

The list above is nowhere near complete of the things you will need to do to begin building a website from the ground up. It is a rewarding but complex project. It is completely okay if your technical abilities are not up to where they need to be to set up, operate and maintain a website. You can let a platform like ModelCentro do all the work for you. Yes, you will be paying slightly more than some stand alone payment processors, but the services you get in return may just be worth it for you.

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