Got Questions? I've got answers. Have a question that isn't answered here? Hit the chat feature below.
Got Questions? I’ve got answers. Have a question that isn’t answered here? Hit the chat feature below.

If you have questions about my membership content please refer to OnlyFans.
Questions about my SnapChat, please refer to the site where you purchased access.

Q1: Can I get a Free Preview or Cam Check?
A1: No, I am a verified CamModel. I give a quick preview/cam check for $5 which you can then deduct from the cost of your booking.

Q2: What does Verified CamModel mean?
A2: In short, it means that a major Indie Cam Site has verified that my photos are of me.

Q3: Can I pay with PayPal or Amazon?
A3: No. I don’t even have PayPal. Amazon GiftCards are appreciated, but are just that–a gift. Not a payment for any services

Q4: Do you accept other payment options?
A4: My preferred payment processor is PPM Internet, Inc, and can be found by clicking the “book now” buttons. Other payment options incur higher fees. Do us both a favor. Just use my preferred payment processor, PPM Internet, Inc. They offer private, anonymous, and secure payments.
My ONLY OTHER Payment Options are: Bitcoin, Google Wallet and Circle Pay. For more information, refer to my payment options

Q5: Is taking screenshots or recording you ok?
A5: No, this is NEVER ok. All performances, (whether on cam or audio) and all content are protected under The Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998. If I suspect you are recording me, I will hang up and block you. No refunds will be given. I also have an attorney that pursues these matters for me and will sue you if you violate this law.

Q6: Is it okay to send you dick pics?
A6: No, it is never okay to send me unsolicited dick pics. I often block clients if they do send them to me. The only exception is if we are in a show or doing a cock rating. Then I expect you to enjoy yourself 😉

Q7: I think you blocked me on Skype. What can I do about this?
A7: If I blocked you on skype, you most likely abused my southern hospitality. If you would like me to unblock you, then use the contact form for the site and tell me how sorry you are. If you send me a tribute, with your apology, I will be more inclined to give you a second chance.

Q8: Do you provide services in real life?
A8: No. I value you as my online client. I do not provide any type of real life service to any cam client

Q9: Are you a Real Life Domme and Fetishist?
A9: Yes, I have my own BDSM basement and and an ABDL nursery that I operate 🙂

Q10: What are the rules for your Couples Shows?
A10: Whether it is exclusive or multiple viewers, No mikes but ours will be turned on. No cam but ours will be turned on. If you turn on your mike, you will be immediately kicked from the call and NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.

Q11: What are your SnapChat Rules?
A11: Free Access to MY STORY always.
-For Premium access is my preferred Snapchat Processor, but you can also find me on Fancentro.
-For Premium content, no sharing and no screenshots are ever allowed. I check.
-If you screenshot or share any Premium content, you will be blocked and no refunds will be given

Q12: I want to get to know you better. Is it ok if we chat some?
A12: I offer chat packages that can be for sexting or by the day. If you are looking to get to know me, I suggest you book some chat time with me. To see me behind the scenes, add me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, & Snapchat!