Ditch Skype, Make the Switch to Discord

Read on for some simple ways to adapt with us in these changing times

How To Adapt in this Wave of Anti-Porn, Anti-Sexworker Legislation

So by now you have heard of FOSTA/SESTA. Celebrities supporting it, and people/politicians saying it is to help end Sex Trafficking. Politicians around the world are trying to elimenate prostitution, and toughen up legislation on porn and adult businesses. In fact, this bill, when passed into law, will do very little to help with sex trafficking. But the point of this blog post is not to educate you on this bill. All you need do is look at social media to see what this bill will do to us. This bill has far reaching effects on sexworkers and adult sites, around the globe. To those who practice online, in-person, or both.

*As of now, the bill may be Pocket Vetoed, or the Senate may have held it to prevent a pocket veto. Even if the bill is pocket vetoed, it has already had far reaching effects on our businesses. Read about the possibility of a pocket veto here.

There is a lot of hysteria going on in the community right now. Sexworkers are freaking out. Some of http://klttykat.comthe hysteria may be over the top, but it’s understandable. Everyday we are seeing companies such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter trying to erase us. And then we are seeing smaller companies restrict us even more. Reports of webhosts closing user accounts, Reddits closing subreddits, Craigslist closing their personals section, sites that providers advertise on being closed. This tide of anti-sexworker and anti-porn laws seemed to start with the closing of Backpage and Fetlife loosing their payment processing abilities. And it just keeps going.

I have heard clients say that they are tired of us sounding the alarm on how FOSTA/SESTA is going to effect us sexworkers. Many clients think that this will have no effect on them because they use online only services. I have heard other “online only” sexworkers they aren’t worried because they think it won’t effect them. Worse yet, some online-only providers actually are attacking us who are speaking out against this wave of anti-sexworker sentiment. And yes honey, just because you do your work online doesn’t mean you aren’t a sexworker, you are one.

We have to speak out. No one else is. We are getting the word out. If we don’t no one else will. You will look http://klttykat.comup one day and we will be disappearing. For many of us, this is our full time job. This is how we support our families, pay our medical bills & mortgage. If our ability to earn money is continually chipped away at, we can’t afford to do this as our full time jobs anymore. Many of us add to our income by sexting, making custom videos, and other side hustles. More and more we are seeing our ways to earn disappearing. Messaging services that we often use are agressively closing our accounts. The cloud services we store our content in are deleting our content–many sexworkers are reporting Google Drive and One Drive are not allowing us to share our content, or even download our content we made, and deleting it. And we paid to use these services, just like everyone else.

Even big sites are restricting our content and what we are allowed to say & discuss with you. It isn’t their fault. It is censorship by credit card companies. Companies such as NiteFlirt and streaming sites have to abide by BRAM, if they want the ability to process payments. It is the credit card companies that require these restrictions. (BRAM: Business Risk Assesment and Mitigation Management) Communities such as FetLife had to disallow some fetish communities in the past and are having to further restrict some fetishes in light of FOSTA/SESTA. Those of us who engage in many fetishes have to be extremely cautious in who we practice these with online. And the fetishes that are being restricted aren’t even that extreme. ABDL, Castration, Incestuous Roleplays, Toilet Slavery, and even Pet Play (a form of BDSM play, no animals are ever involved) are almost never allowed on mainstream sites anymore. Hypnosis isn’t allowed on most sites, we are lucky that my payment processor on my personal website somehow allows us to engage in these fetishes.


Now, you are wondering how this is something you should even care about and how it effects you. Those custom videos and mp3’s we make for you? We usually upload them into a cloud and give you a link in your email bc it is more convenient for you and us. You click on the link and download the file. Increasingly Google and Microsoft are preventing us from sharing links to our content, disabling the ability for us to download our own content, and even deleting it. And we pay these companies for our cloud storage, and they are deleting our private content.

You enjoy engaging with us on Skype? Skype may start cracking down more on Terms of Service Violations. They have always closed accounts that we use for Skype sessions, with seeming randomness. It has always been against their TOS to brodcast nudity or pornography, but now “offensive language” is not allowed. And if they crack down more, it will be harder for us to interact on Skype. Their new TOS go into effect on May 1, 2018 and you can read them here.

Do you search for us on Twitter? Twitter has steadily been marginalizing us. Shadowbanning, closing accounts, even if you do not have nudity in your profile. This is where a lot of us try to build brand awareness. I have had many clients who search certain hashtags, find me, and reach out to me here for camsex and other services. If we are shadowbanned, you can’t find us.

It is perfectly acceptable to require accounts with adult images to mark their account as “Sensitive.” But http:://KLttyKat.comnow accounts marked as sensitive are instantly shadowbanned (also known as “stealth banning”). That means if you search for the account, it will not show up in search results. If  you search for hashtags the shadowbanned account will not appear in the search results. There are other effects of shadowbanning, but they all serve the same purpose, to mute the account.

Under the wording of FOSTA and SESTA, webhosts are criminally accountable for “facilitating prostitution” and more.  Many hosts are closing accounts to protect themselves, which means our websites (like this one) could be gone, even if there is no prostitution advertised on them. You like reading our blogs, stories, and looking at our pics? They may soon disappear with our websites. We are already penalized on google search engines making it difficult to advertise our websites and services.

We haven’t yet seen how this bill will fully effect us when passed–as almost everyone seems to think it will. (*Please read how this bill may be pocket vetoed) Right now all we can do is speculate about how this bill will effect us once it is passed into law. And how the bill has already effected us. Adult companies are changing their TOS in anticipation of this bill. They face heavy penalties if they are not in compliance. You can read more about that here.


We still don’t know if this bill was passed into law (which you can check here). But whether or not the bill has passed, the fear of it has had far reaching effects. The point of this blog isn’t to ask you to sign petitions to oppose this legisltation (though you can do that here), but to help you adapt to our changing world. Below are some basic ways you can adapt with us so that we can continue to provide you with the kinky services you need. And so we can keep earning the money that supports our families.

Ditch Skype. Make the switch to Discord. You can get my Discord ID here.

You can download Discord here. Skype is known for shutting down accounts randomly. The new TOS add “offensive language” to what is prohibited. And clarify that accounts that are reported for TOS violations can be investigated. This has always been the case. The terms of service just state it more clearly. Skype also is reportedly making it easier to report accounts. Also, skype does not provide end to end encryption to your calls. Skype has many other vulnerabilities as well. It is easily hacked, IP’s are connected to your skype ID. Programs exist where all you need to do is put in the skype ID and user IP addresses are exposed to you. Don’t bother plugging mine in, I use a VPN and change my location regularly.

Ditch Skype

This is not paranoia or hysteria. Skype already monitors the chats with bots. In my live feed tracker website I noticed a hostname with “skype bot” in it. The skype bot visits different pages on my website. I am not the only one who noticed this. This is not new either. It appears that if you send links in skype messages, these bots check the links. For what reason Skype is searching the links shared in conversations, the company doesn’t say. It is alarming, given the anti-sexworker tidal wave of legislation. All you need to do is google it to see that Skype scans our conversations, and can intercept calls. (For security purposes, I did not post screenshots of the security features for my website.)

Discord was designed for gamers, but as always, us sex workers have found our way there. It seems complicated, but I promise, if you give it a try, you will like it. Discord does not have the vulnerabilities of

Get my Discord Channel ID here

skype. You can check out more information, tutorials and even download Discord here. I do highly encourage you to make a Discord account and become familiar with it. You are going to see more and more of your favorite camgirls & performers disappearing from Skype and using Discord. I included some other benefits of Discord over Skype further down in this post.

*If you have already purchased my Skype ID, I will give you a link to find me on Discord. If you haven’t already purchased my Skype ID- you can purchase both my Skype ID and my Discord ID. I highly recommend buying my Discord ID (just click here), because I am migrating my clients there.

Join me on Switter

Switter is a part of the Mastadon Federation. Sounds like Star Trek, I know. But after you get your sea legs on switter, you will probably like it. Switter is social media that is Sex Worker Friendly. There is self-censorship, but accounts aren’t deleted for being adult. We aren’t shadowbanned for advertising there. It is for sexworkers (yes, even online sexworkers) and clients. It is free to create an account, and there are already a lot of us there.

Set up your free Switter account now by clicking here. Switter has taken steps to make sure that they will not be effected by FOSTA/SESTA. If you want more details on how Switter has done this check out this article. I have included some links below for more reading. Want to join me? Find me here on Switter.

  • End to end encryption
  • Your IP can’t be discovered like it can be on Skype
  • Protection from DDoS attacks (distributed denial of service).
  • Blocking works much like it does on Skype
  • Instead of searching for us by Skype ID’s we can give you an invite link
  • Or you can type in our channel (think ID) and add us that way
  • No need to check your privacy settings to make your ID unsearchable to prevent being spammed
  • Uses MUCH LESS bandwidth. Means you can do other things online while running Discord
  • Uses MUCH LESS CPU power and space. Won’t slow down other applications running on your computer
  • The quality of sound and video is far above what you have experienced on Skype. Every caller has commented on this. It’s amazing.

Using Discord on Your Phone? Benefits are pretty much the same. Uses a lot less power, bandwidth, and data. This means that your calls are less likely to lag, and the reception is so much better!

Ready for the Discord Revoloution? Buy my Discord ID here. Or after you book our camsex session, I will give you my Discord Channel and add you to my list of contacts.

Want to read more?

Discord Website: https://discordapp.com/
Download Discord: https://discordapp.com/download
Skype New Terms of Service: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/servicesagreement/upcoming.aspx
More info on Switter: https://switter.at/about/more
Breakdown of FOSTA/SESTA implications for our community

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