Complete MakeOver of

After learning a little more about WordPress and HTML, I decided to completely redo my website. This is a work in progress as I am doing it myself. As far as I am concerned, HTML is a 4 letter word. But I decided I needed to learn it and I am. Forgive me if the site is a bit cluttered while I figure this all out. Have a look around, see what’s new and what I am doing.

And don’t worry. You can still book SkypeShows We can still do all our taboo, femdom and fetish fun too. Feel free to check out all the cool new things I am doing on my Home Page . Seriously, it rocks. Lots of new stuff going on. Lots of things I did before, but now I am making it easier for you to find out about all the fun 🙂

Oh, and I get requests for my used panties, toys, and all kinds of things. You can check out items I have available here , or you can use the contact form and ask for a specific fetish item for purchase. Somethings I have available directly on my site, so you can always check those things out too 🙂

And if you are a camgirl who is visiting my page, I am happy to have you looking around 🙂 I have linked this site to Indie Bill for payment. If you want to ask me questions, I will be more than happy to talk to you about the pros and cons of using them for your main payment processor. I am working on a blog plost about some basics for camgirls that I have learned along the way. One thing I do recommend, with out a doubt, is having an independent payment processor like Indie Bill

If you are a guy wanting to know about how I handle payments, my site is linked to Indie Bill for payment. They are my preferred payment processor. But, with few exceptions, you will need to book on the Independent Skype CamSite you found me on. If you found me on twitter, google, instagram, reddit, youtube or anywhere else, I do prefer payment here. Indie Bill is a secure payment processor and will show up as BP on your statement.