JUST ANNOUNCED! IndieBill has bought CMD. Keep reading about what that could mean for the site.

Have you been thinking about signing up with Indie Bill? Don’t with out reading my post now.

***Update April 5, 2018: It has been suggested that instead of Mark Baldwin outright selling, he sold a controlling share to IndieBill and sought out venture capital to invest in CMD. No comment has been provided, nor has a denial. Some details aren’t adding up. And if this is the case, I would still stay far away from CMD. As long as Mark Baldwin is somehow involved with this site, it is not safe for clients or models.

***UPDATE Feb 2, 2018: Waiting on response from Indie Bill about the ways in which they will make improvements to CMD. Once I get these responses, I will update the respective blog articles as appropriate.***

Today it was announced that CamModelDirectory has been bought by Indie Bill. I am extremely optimistic for what this means. Indie Bill truly does value client and cammodel privacy more than any other payment processor I have worked with. Camgirls NEVER see any of the information you enter, with the exception of the contact information YOU want us to see (e.g. Skype ID, KIK username, email). There is no database that client legal names, emails, and any other identifying information is entered into with all 1,700 models accessing every day. (Still waiting to hear back from IB about what will happen with the database commonly known on CMD as the CCL-the database mentioned here).

UPDATE: The CCL is still a fixture on CMD that is not going anywhere.

UPDATE: It appears Mark Baldwin will be staying on for several months during the transtition. Let’s hope he is out sooner, for the good of our community. For both cammodels and cam clients.

I just spoke with the Co-Owner for IndieBill. He admitted that currently, client information is being handled carelessly. IndieBill is working to change this. IndieBill prides itself on privacy for both client and cammodel. This will take a lot of work on the part of IndieBill.

Things will be better for our community once Mr. Baldwin is out of the picture. I will update this piece as I get more information.

UPDATE: Mark Baldwin is still a fixture, IndieBill, only purchased the controlling share of CMD. Mark still controls support and operations of CMD.

More to Come on this developing story!

Want to get a head start with Indie Bill? Don’t until you read the article I wrote on how IndieBill is failing you, your customers and as a company.

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