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So you want to know all about your favorite MILF? Read on…

I grew up as a gypsy (not the real kind). My family moved all over the US while I was growing up. We lived in over 14 places before I joined the Army at the age of 20. I come from a large family, 2nd of seven kids.

I joined the Army when I was 20 years old, working in Data Communications, but trained to be the Unit Armorer. That means I fixed and maintained the arms room and all our weaponry. That’s right, this chick can shoot anything you put in her hands. I served in the Pacific Northwest, and eventually Hawaii. Yes, I served our nation in combat. I am a disabled veteran.

I eventually settled in Tennessee, pursued my college education. I pursued a BA, Masters in Theological Studies, PhD in Theology and Ethics and finally a second masters to become a therapist. That means I know what makes you tick and how to cum soooo hard. Better than anyone else. My diverse education gives me insight to fetishism and taboo. And I love it.

Health problems eventually led me to camming. I needed time off from my job to recover. I found camming and became an Independent Skype Camgirl and have loved it ever since. I quickly fell in love with Femdom, Fetish and Taboo, it is endlessly fascinating to me. I do love a good mutual masturbation show as well–don’t get me wrong. I love to be sexy for you. It is just that the darker things fascinate me.

In real life, I am a dominatrix, with my own dungeon. I even have a nursery for my ABDL’s. I love encouraging others to explore their deep and dark desires, on cam or in real life. All offered in a judgement free zone.

I get a lot of guys saying they want to know the real me…and there are a variety of ways you can do that.

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