Is Your Information Secure on CamModeDirectory?

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How safe is your personal information on CamModelDirectory? Do you know what happens with your personal information? Keep reading to find out how unsecure your personal information is on CMD.

Do you know how secure your personal information is with CamModelDirectory? Want to know how your personal information is stored and shared? Then keep reading. Read how I was doxed by the owner of CamModelDirectory.

I served as the assistant to the owner of CamModelDirectory, and as his assistant, I learned his business practices. Including how personal information is stored and shared on CamModelDirectory. It was truly alarming.

A lot of your information is stored in various gmail accounts that the owner has as well as google services such as Google Sheets and Google Docs. We all know that email is not secure. How many emails have you known that have been hacked? Just this past week Google had issues with their programs such as Google Docs. Do you really want to be sharing your personal information on unsecure services? Keep reading for more details about how your information is shared and stored.

How Secure is Your Information as a Client?How your information as a client is stored and used by CamModelDirectory. It is used to blackmail clients, and it isn't stored securely

CamModelDirectory says that your personal information is not stored on their servers. That may be true. His servers that host his site are located in New York. Your personal information may not be stored on the servers. But where else is it lurking? That is difficult to answer because there are so many places. But I can tell you what I personally know from working for the owner about how he uses your personal information.

Have you been asked to send in proof of your ID at any time? Well, you sent that over email. And those emails are through a gmail service for small businesses. Yes, there is the “” at the end of the email address, but it is a gmail service. The owner never deletes any emails. He saves them all. He bragged to me on numerous occassions that he never deletes anything. So that copy of your ID that you sent in is still sitting in his email in a marked folder.

And if your photo ID is sitting around in his email and his accounts are hacked, then your photo ID is sitting there for hackers. Along with any credit card information you sent in that email. Your identity is sitting there, not protected, and ready to be stolen.

The owner has said, and probably sent you an email saying how this is common practice with “brick and mortar retailers.” NO IT ISN’T. Walmart doesn’t ask you for a photo copy of your ID and then keep it in their email for all of eternity waiting for some hacker to steal your information. He may tell you that this is like when you order pizza online and have to do an address verification for your debit card. NO IT ISN’T. Domino’s does not ask you to send in a photo copy of your government ID then keep it around in an email account forver.

There is also another purpose to asking for a copy of your ID. We all know that this business is high risk on fraud. Wives and girlfirends see the charges, dispute the charges, and the retailer is out the money that you spent. Well, if you have sent in your ID, the owner will use that against you. He now has your personal information. And a copy of your driver’s license or passport. And he has shared with me the intent to use information against clients if they are causing him headaches or he thinks they will do a chargeback. I mentioned examples with screenshots in another blog post which you can read here.

Then there is the matter of your legal name, email address, and more being shared with models on the black list he maintains for his website. Any model on his site has access to this. And if he has your legal name, it is there, as well as your email. Don’t believe me, read this post I did which includes screenshots of his blacklist. So you have essentially been doxed to 1.7 thousand models.

How Secure is Your Information if You are a Camgirl?

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First there is the matter of when you register for . You have sent your photo ID, verification photo, and your performer agreement with your name and address over email. UNSECURED EMAIL. Just like for the client above, your information, that copy of your government issued ID is sitting in his email. As well as your signed performer agreement with your current address and your social security number. Sitting in his email FOREVER. He never deletes anything. If his email gets hacked, all your personal information that is needed to steal your identity or worse is sitting there for hackers to use. Your identity can be stolen.

Your personal information, your government issued ID, your verification photo, and your signed performer agreement with your legal name, social security number, and address is then stored in his cloud using the CRM Insightly. How many times have you heard of files in clouds being hacked? Insightly accounts have been hacked on numerous occassions. All you need to do is google “Insightly hacked” to see dozens of posts.  So How safe is that information? Not safe at all!

Maybe you have decided you want to leave CamModelDirectory. Or the owner banned you from his site. What happens with your personal information then? Well it gets worse. Every ad you have ever had up. Every video you had listed for sale. You deleted it right? Well, you only deleted what you and the client see. Not the admin panel and his servers. Every ad you have ever had posted, every video you have had on his site, if you deleted it, it is showing as “inactive” in the admin panel. That’s right. It is still there. And guess what? He doesn’t delete it. EVER. It is there for all eternity. FOREVER.

And your personal information such as your government ID that is sitting in his cloud and emails? Still sitting there. Forever. To make you even MORE susceptible to having your identity stolen or being doxed, he puts your information in yet ANOTHER place. If you were banned from his site, or he thinks you are a “PITA” or a you made him “wanna choke a bitch” your legal and performer name go into a special Google Sheets database. Coded with things like “clueless” “PITA” and other deragatory references. The man has no lows that he will stoop to in how he refers to models and how careless he is with our information.

I should know. First I worked for him as his personal assistant. And when I was new in this business, and he was first starting to flirt with me, a model threatened to dox me. Mark (CamModelDirectory Owner) then told me not to worry. He had all her legal information. He threatened to dox a model (dox = to publish one’s personal identity and information online, typically with malicious intent) because she had threatened me. Don’t believe he would do such a thing? I posted screenshots here. I should have seen the warning and danger signs then. I should have realized that if he will dox a model because he is flirting with me, trying to get in my pants or whatever the case may be, he would flip on me just as quickly. That is how narcissists work.

Then he did flip on me. He has shared my personal information with a model who then in turn posted it online with threats on my life. I have been requested to not post those screenshots as it is a matter in an ongoing criminal investigation. But the model continues to publish my personal information given to her by CamModelDirectory owner Mark Baldwin. And if she is to be believed, then she and the CamModelDirectory owner, Mark Baldwin, are in constant communication about me. He has shared and continues to share my personal information and communication with this model who is posting threats on my life.

I should have seen this one coming. This is what he does. He gets models to do his dirty work for him so he can keep his hands clean. He used me this way once. For months. He flattered me, he flirted with me. We were close and had an intimate relationship. But, he was all the while using me to get information out that he wanted. Whether it be in coaxing me to leave feedback on reviews of his site, commenting on other’s comments about him or his site. He would pump me for information and the gossip. That is how he operates. He uses models. He is a truly pathological and manipulative narcissist. He used his charm on me. I fell for it.

Just remember, he will turn on you to eventually if you do not serve his pathological narcissistic needs. He will use models to troll you, threaten you, harass you. He gave me the personal information on models when he and I were close (though I did not use this information maliciously). Now, he has given mine out. What is to stop him from giving yours out when you make him “wanna choke a bitch?”

What Can You Do?

  • Email the owner and ask him to delete all information from his cloud, emails, servers, and admin panel.
    • You should be aware that there is NO way to see if he has complied with your request.
  • You can send the owner a registered and certified letter to the address listed on his website, the address associated with DDM Internet Marketing, LLC, requesting he remove all of your information. The problem is that he has (illegally) listed a PO Box as the address associated with his business. (The address he has listed is the street address for the Post Office.) So most likely your letter will be returned and not signed for.
    • Furthermore, just as mentioned above, there is no way for you to see if the owner has complied with your request.
  • If you are truly concerned about your personal information and want to send the owner a formal request via certified and registered mail to remove all your personal information from his sites and emails, contact me and I will give you his personal contact information.
    • Again, there is NO guarantee he will honor your request, but you do have proof then that you formally requested that he remove your information.

In Conclusion:

Your information is NOT secure on CamModelDirectory. The owner does not treat your personal identifying information in a secure manner at all. You are vulnerable to hackers stealing your identity and the owner using your information against you. As a Camgirl, you are vulnerable to the owner, Mark Baldwin, doxing you and releasing your personal information that may put you in danger. He did it to me, and he threatened to do it to other models. You are NOT safe on CamModelDirectory.

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Read how the owner of CamModelDirectory put my life in danger by his careless behavior with my personal information, and how he has threatened to dox other models.

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