Looking for ways to earn more income? Read on to find ways to earn money through texting, selling your private Snapchat and more.

UPDATE: 5 July 2018

I’ve found out about some new sites for selling your Snapchat, Instagram, Kik & What’sApp. Read about it below.

Original Article

Looking for ways to supplement your income in these scary times? I have gone ahead and listed some great places I use to earn make extra income. A few of these places have really filled in the gaps for me. And while others may only be an extra $100-$200 a month, that’s income. Many of these places I have listed require little extra work, like sexting. All of thes places combined can be the difference in just barely scraping by and having some extra cash to put away at the end of the month.


It’s a no-brainer. It’s super easy, and most sites have applications that forward text messages to your phone. I love that I can literally earn anywhere I am with sexting. Having lunch, travelling, waiting in my doctor’s office. Texting like crazy. It’s easy. Some sites pay better than others, but it all adds up. *Through these texting sites, your phone number is *NEVER* revealed. The phone number guys are seeing at a proxy number.

Sexting Site #1

This is my preferred sexting site. Payout differs depending on whether it’s a text, tribute, or phonecall you are earning from. But this site can be awesome. Guys

<a href="http://klttykat.com>Professional dominatrix and skype fetish camsex camgirl</a>
Sexting is an easy way to supplement your income. And you can do it anywhere.

pay for every text they send, every picture they send and every picture/video you send them (provided they open it). Though the site is primarily set up as a “sexting” site, you can earn from tributes, texts, picture & video messages, & phonecalls. Good news? You set the price. Signing up is a breeze and you can do it in a matter of minutes right here.

Payout Amount: Varies on the rates you have set on different features
Payout Method: Via paper check mailed to you weekly
Available to USA and Canada models.

  • You set the price on everything. Texts, pictures, videos, phonecalls
  • Customers have to pay to send you messages
  • Customers have to pay to send you pictures and also to open any pics you send
  • You can set the minimum amount for phone calls (e.g. $3/min minimum of 5 mins)
  • Guys can send you payments in the form of tributes for videos, skypeshows, and more
  • You can see the account balance customers have
  • You can quickly see how much you have earned on the dashboard.
  • Customer Service isn’t that great. It’s inconsistent at best. I had to send a few emails asking why my profile was not set up, even after I had been approved. Many of the people who earn on this site have said they had similar issues, while others  report no issues at all getting their account approved and set up.
  • The rotation of how models appear on the site makes no sense
Sexting Site #2

<a href=http://klttykat.com>KlttyKat professional Dominatrix, Skype Camgirl Camsex</a>Here’s another site you can earn money texting. Traffic is pretty good at first, but wanes fairly quickly. Though you can pick up some regulars. You can set your rates on text, picture messages, and phone calls separately. This site seems to get more traffic of guys who are looking to “hook up” and want selfies. I have done okay on this site. I just roll with it and act like I am in their area to keep them talking.

When you set up your profile, don’t do your professional and glamour pictures. Do selfies. Advertise yourself as “Woman Next Door” because these guys think it is primarily a dating app of sorts. IDK?!?! Guys are weird…I just roll with it. It even says all over the website it’s all online. Setting up your profile can be done in about 5 minutes, just click here to sign up or read more.

Payout Amount: Varies on the rates you set for text, photos, & phonecalls
Payout Method: Via paper check mailed to you weekly
Available to USA and Canada models only

  • Guys pay to send *AND* recieve messages
  • When you are “NEW” to the site, you appear on the landing page
  • Payment has never been late
  • Customer Service is not responsive. Took me a few weeks to get approved on this site as well. Similar experiences from other women have been reported. Some ladies report no issues getting set up
  • No logical order to how models appear on the site, other than NEW being on the landing page
  • You can only set your rate to Low, Medium, or High
  • Traffic seems to be mostly guys who think that this is a dating site or a hook up site. So be prepared to send pics. lots of selfies.


Rebills are another great way to earn. If you don’t know what a rebill is, they are your best friend. It basically is another term for subscription type sites. Think Netflix, Hulu. The customer automatically gets charged once a month. It’s pretty sweet to see those subscriptions add up.

Rebills Site #1

This platform is pretty popular. 80% payout, no chargebacks. It’s connected to your Twitter account for advertising. You can upload pictures, selfies, video clips, etc… Send pay-to-view mails (reciever is required to pay to view the message) and more. A feature I like about this platform is that right-click and save for images isn’t allowed. Downloading for images and videos is disabled. I love that. I know that there are always going to be ways around it, but every bit helps.

In addition the rebills, you can accept tributes and tips, payment for camshows (skypeshows, etc…) on this platform as well. Mobile users can download the app so you can upload pics and videos from your phone too. Though uploading videos from phone is a bit slow. The approval process takes only about 24 hours, and singing up is pretty easy. *DO* mark your account as “ADULT” (as asked in the TOS) to prevent it from being shutdown.

Payout Amount: 80%
Payout Method: Variety of payout methods offered
Models from all over the world can join this site

  • Rebill. ENOUGH SAID
  • Subscribers can’t download videos or right click on images to save them
    • Yes, they can screencapture and record things, but at least it’s harder on this platform
  • The makers of this are reportedly working on the live streaming part of the application called “fanscope.” The idea is you live stream, and if  you want it to stay up in your feed for subscribers it is there for them.
  • Customer service isn’t the best. Also isn’t too bad, it takes about 24 hours to get a response on business days
  • Support took Fanscope off line several months ago and still hasn’t gotten it back online

ReBills For SnapChat & Instagram

Selling Snapchat access is ALL the rage, and has been growing in popularity. This relatively NEW platform allows you to offer SnapChat Subscriptions. You can sell your subscriptions on a monthly to lifetime basis, and my personal favorite *REBILLS.*

Why are rebills preferred for Snapchat access? I can tell you this from personal experience. Guys will buy “lifetime access” to your SnapChat account. And several common behaviors emerge (though you will have some guys who are perfect clients). Some guys will wear you out with constant messages, dickpics, and more. Expecting that because they bought access to your SnapChat 12 months ago, you are still for some reason obligated to entertain them and trade messages with them (I have *NEVER offered this service on any of my Snap services, I made it clear in my info, and yet I would constantly get this).

Having an off weeek? Family issues emerge? Sick? I have had guys actually message me, ANGRY that they paid for LIFETIME Snap Membership and I was sick, and didn’t dare to send out 1-5 snaps a day for a period of illness. It somehow seems that “Lifetime” members (not all, but many) become entitled. I don’t do “lifetime” memberships anymore, and I *ONLY* do Snapchat access on a rebill method.

The same way it works for your Snapchat account, it works for Instagram. Mark your Instagram account private and then you can sell access with this same platform and the same methods. It is exactly the same procuedure, to sell access to your instagram account as it is too sell access to your SnapChat account.

Signing up is not too difficult, accounts are usually approved in 24 hours. You can sign up right here or take a look at the platform.

Payout Amount: 75%
Payout Method: Variety of ways including Direct Deposit/ACH, weekly
Available to models, pornstars & performers around the world


  • Account approval is easy and quick
  • Dashboard and interface are fairly easy to understand
  • Easily set up how you want to structure the sale of access to your SnapChat a/o Instagram account
  • Customer Service is fairly prompt with chat feature on the site


  • Maximum time you can allot the rebill/subscription period is one year
  • Use Caution if using Paypal as a payout option. There are many other safer and better options that this platform offers.

Payment Processing

Stand Alone Private Payment Processing

It is INCREDIBLY important to find adult friendly payment processing in our business. Most charge high fees taking up to 50%. IB payout is 85%, with Chargeback protection. How many guys have paid you through Squarecash or Paypal and they reversed the charges? With IB, you are protected. And you can sell virutally anything you want.

You can have a peek at my website. All my payment buttons are through IB. You can sell almost anything you want through IB. It’s pretty awesome. And you don’t need a website to integrate payment buttons into (though that is awesome). You can do it as simple as creating a payment link and sending it to a customer. To make it easier for you, you can create a “payment page” with all your content and links at your (and your customer’s) fingertips. I have known ladies who bought a domanin and forwarded it to the payment page. Pretty Simple.

Signup is pretty simple. Most accounts are approved in 24 hours or less. Sign up here, right now.

Payout Amount: 85%, Bi weekly
Payout Method: Variety of methods you can choose from. USA models can choose ACH (Direct Deposit)
Models/Performers from all over the world can join

  • ACH (direct deposit) payments are available
  • Flexible payment links for you to create for whatever product you want to sell
  • Can integrate payment links into websites using HTML
  • Trying to think of some, really can’t. They are my preferred payment processor

Payment Processing, Website Building, Rebills all into one

This site is commonly used for pornstars and cammodels to easily build a website. You can set up a fanbase, rebills and have your camshows posted for your “fans” (subscribers). Yes, the website design is pretty easy to do. It’s a select your theme, drag and drop type of website.

I am a DIY kinda girl. And I want more flexibility. But they do it all, easy website design, process payments, and host your website. But for all this, your cut is smaller than it is with IB. You get 65% payout, which isn’t terrible. Especially if you have no tech skills and don’t want to or have the time to invest in learning HTML, WordPress, Wix or other website building platforms. Considering that they host your site for you, it isn’t too terrible. And a lot of models and actresses seem to like this platform. I like control over everything, and the higher cut I get with IB so I stick with them.

Chargebacks are not guaranteed to be covered, which is a real danger in this business. Read the TOS (terms of service) and make sure you are okay and understand the chargeback policy. Signing up is simple. Accounts are usually approved in 24 hours or less. You can check out their platform and sign up right here.

Payout Amount: 65%
Payout Method: Variety of Methods, including ACH for American Models
Available to Models across the World

  • Easy to build your own website
  • Platform provides hosting
  • Set up for rebills
  • Less flexibility in the design of your site
  • Smaller cut than with IB
  • Chargebacks passed on to you

Okay, whew, finally done. I hope this helped some of you 🙂 In these times we need all the extra income we can get. And these are some of the sites that have really helped me out.


SnapChat, Instagram, What’sApp & Kik Sales

A newer site has popped up, and they offer an unbelievable 90% on payouts. This particular platform may be newer, but it is owned by one of the oldest, largest, and most trusted sites in Indie Camming. Like other sites you can sell access to your SnapChat and Instagram. But you can also sell access to your KIK and What’sApp. Personally I do NOT sell access to my What’sApp unless it hides the number.

<a href="https://kayleighmodels.com">Empowering women</a> by giving them tools to take control of their income.
New site for selling your Snapchat, IG, KIK & What’sApp

Right now it’s in beta phase. What that means for you is that you can lock in a payout rate of 90%. It’s where I am directing all my Snap sales right now. You can, like on many sites link your twitter and other social media so that clients can follow you. You can even link your profile to sell skypeshows, which may in turn help generate skypeshow sales.

Payment Amount: Right now, while the site is in beta phase, you can lock in an amazing 90% payout
Payment Method: At the moment, while the site is new, Paxum is listed as the payment option. However, upon request, it is possible to set up ACH (direct deposit) as a payment method
Available to Anyone, Anywhere.

  • 90% Payouts, the highest in this industry, for anything
  • Signing up is quick and easy
  • Well known and trusted name in Indie Camming owns this site
  • You can opt-in for chargeback coverage for a lower payout rate
  • After the second rebill, you are not held accountable if there is a chargeback
  • Right now, because the site is in beta phase, payment options for the model is limited
    • you can ask support for other options
    • payment options are growing
  • It’s a newer platform, in beta testing, so their may be some minor changes along the way
  • There is no tip option, though since the site is in beta testing, this option may become available

Further Reading

For added Ease, I have included the links below if you want to check out the sites and if you want to sign up or just look around at the various sites and platforms


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  2. http://bit.ly/SextingMoney


  1. http://bit.ly/EarnRebills
  2. http://bit.ly/SellSnaps

Payment Processing:

  1. http://bit.ly/Indie_Girl
  2. http://bit.ly/Everything-In-One

Snap Sales:

1. http://bit.ly/90PercentSnapSales
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