How to Get the Best Skypesex Camming Experience

Camming Etiquette & Tips
Want to know how to have the best skypesessions? Follow these simple tips and observe some basic camming etiquette for the BEST SkypeSex Experiences

Want to know how to get the best SkypeSex Experience? Whether you have been camming for a long time or you just found out about camming on Skype you will find this guide informative. For tips on how to cam on a mobile device, camming etiquette and more, it will help you get the best experience.

UPDATE July 22, 2018: I also provide services on Discord as well. In fact I prefer it. Most of the following information is applicable to Discord as well.

Camming on a Mobile Device

To get the most out of skype sessions on your mobile device follow these tips:

  • Turn off other applications that may compromise your data and speed. Skype uses a lot of power and data on your phone, and running other applications may cause the call to lag.
  • If you are able to connect to WI-FI, do so. Sometimes, if you run skype on data, calls are dropped, the video quality is subpar, and you will use a LOT of data (important if you have a limited data plan).
  • Ensure that your battery is charged, especially for shows that are longer.
  • Have earphones with a microphone if available. This will help both you (the client) and me communicate better. Skype sessions are so much better if we can hear each other. Even if you have Skype on speaker, it can be very difficult to hear with the background noise.
    • And, if you have a wife, girlfriend, or room mate around, you really want to be able to hear us and talk with us, don’t you?
  • Check to see that your phone is set to auto rotate. Here’s why: I, like most camgirls, have a widescreen webcam. If you have your phone rotated vertically (like it is when you have it to your ear) you may not be able to see the whole cam area. And that makes us look so tiny. So do yourself a favor, rotate your phone horizontally. it will show us us on widescreen and we will look bigger.

Camming Etiquette

Being a camgirl is fun. Who wouldn’t like to be sexy all day? Even though it’s a lot of fun, it is still our job. For many of us, this is an actual  business we run. We support ourselves and our families with the income we earn from camming. If you show us some respect, we will be very appreciative. That means a better skypesession for you too! Who would you rather spend a session with: a camgirl you offended or one that thinks you are a decent guy? We are real women, and it is difficult to be entertaining if you have upset us.

So here are some suggestions to help interactions go over smoothly.

  • Don’t be a TW (Time Waster). Let us know your intentions are to book some time with us. You may not have thought what it is like from our perspective. We usually have thousands of Skype contacts. And we have many clients who message us constantly. We simply do not have the time or the ability to talk to everyone who wants our attention.
    • This does not mean that you have to immdeiately tell us what you want, how long and ask where you can book right now (though WE LOVE THOSE GUYS). I don’t mind a few questions so we can make sure that we are a good fit before you book. But I will cut you off if it seems like you aren’t going to purchase a skypesession.
  • If you change your mind and decide not to book with us, let us know. It is incredibly frustrating to think a potential client is booking a skypesession with us, only to realize he has ghosted us. We may have turned down another booking because we were waiting on you.
  • Don’t be one of those guys I mute. We have so many contacts. And many of our clients, while we enjoy spending time with them, message us “just to check in and see how you are doing.”
    • Look at it from our perspective. It is like having 6,000 men trying to say hello and wanting to chat. There is NO WAY that we can keep up. Some camgirls maybe different and like to chat a lot. But some of us are very busy running our business, taking care of our families, and working with other clients. We cannot possibly respond to every message.
  • Respect our boundaries. If you are in doubt whether something specific crosses our boundaries, ask before you book. No camgirl appreciates it when mid show when a client does something the violates our level of comfort. It isn’t fun or funny to us.
  • If you do ask before booking and we are not able to accomdate your fetish or request, we might be able to recommend you to a camgirl who is a better fit. This means a more enjoyable skypesession for you.

A Final Word on Dick Pics. No.

  • Dick Pics. Just don’t. We get bombarded with them. We don’t want to see them. Obviously, if you have booked a cock rating or a skypesession with us, that is different. We expect you to enjoy your self. But if we are outside of a booking, don’t send dick pics. It is probably the quickest way to get a camgirl to block you.

Now GO and book your SkypeShow with me. Let’s have some fun.


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