Is CamModelDirectory Safe for Clients & Camgirls

You are entrusting ONE man with all your personal information. How Safe Are You on CamModelDirectory?

Experience has taught me that your information as a model or as a client is never guaranteed to be protected on a camsite. There are horror stories that fill the internet with camgirls and clients being outted and doxed. I am amongst the ranks of camgirls that has been outted by a site owner, CamModelDirectory. The victim of the vindictive rage of a narcissist. Oh the promises made that you are safe trusting his site with your information. Hollow promises. Both for client and model.

Let’s be clear about something. I in no way relished reviewing old history with this man. Too many painful memories. In fact, there were times I had to catch my breath as I read over old conversations between us. For those who doubt the level of closeness between the owner and I, there are hundreds of screenshots I could post. But that does no one any favors. The purpose of this post is to warn clients and models of his unethical behavior. Not the personal history he and I shared.

For the Client:

The major Indie Camsite (Cammodeldirectory) that I used to work for promises your information is safe. No personal information is stored on their servers. Well, I don’t know if that is true or not, but I do know that the owner does keep records. And he knows who you are and he isn’t afraid to share your information. This applies whether you are a member of his site or you check out “anonymously.”

Have you ever wondered why you can try and add models on his one site and no one responds? No one accepts your request or they are rude to you? Chances are a model didn’t like you. You pissed her off or you ghosted her. She then reported you to the site owner and you were placed on a database that we would check your information against. You were essentially blacklisted on his site. All because one model reported you for whatever reason she wanted. It is called the Crooked Client List. And if the website owner has your email and legal name–guess what-he put that on the database.

The Cammodeldirectory site owner also personally asked me for chat records with a client. He thought that this client might do a chargeback. This particular client had asked me for a Mommy/Son Incest RP. The site owner wanted the chats so that he could use it against the client if he were to do a chargeback. Because the site owner felt that the client would not want people to know he had requested M/S Incest RP.

CamModelDirectory Owner asking to save chats with a client in order to blackmail him

Owner Asking me to save chats with a client so that he could use the chats in the event that the client asked for refunds or chargebacks.

The website owner then one day told me that he had a client who would regularly buy camshows on his site. And the client happened to live down the street from him. He personally knew this client and all the while he would be laughing to himself about how his neighbor bought camshows. How professional is that? He will take your money happily, but laugh at you all the while he is taking it.

CMD Owner is talking about how his neighbour would buy camshows
Here CMD Owner is talking about his neighbor buying camshows.

You think your conversations are private with models on Skype. But many times he asked me for chat records when he thought that there was a risk a client would do a chargeback. Do you really want a site owner knowing that you are into some sort of fetish? These are but a couple examples of how your information is not safe as a client on his website.

For The CamGirl:

I was outted by the Cammodeldirectory website owner. Let me preface this by saying that previously, he and I enjoyed a very personal and intimate relationship which you can read about here. Another camsite owner had threatened to dox (out me publicly by using Personal Identifying Information) in December of 2016. At that time, the owner of this camsite and I were very close. And he told me not to worry. Because he had all her information. It was a thinly veiled threat to dox/out the model who had threatened me. I at the time was blinded by the owner’s narcissistic charm and didn’t realize if he would do that to one model, he could do that to me.

CMD Owner threatened to out this model back when our relationship was taking off.
Here we see that the CMD Owner threatened to out another model. He was quite vindictive against this model. This is when our relationship started to take off.

Not only is your personal information not safe with him, he despises models. He hired me to work with models because he despises them so much. He would often tell me of how much he hated dealing with models. That was his least favorite part of the job. He would trash talk models. Even before I began working for him, he would talk about models in a very disrespectful manner.

One instance stands out in particular. A model did something that set him off. He told me that it made him “want to choke a bitch.” I had no idea where this reference came from so he sent me a link to a skit. Though the skit is extremely funny, it betrays how this site owner actually feels about the women who work for him. The skit portrays Wayne Brady as a pimp. He drives to a street corner to get money from his “ATM,” his hoes. One particular “hoe” does not have enough money and this upsets Wayne Brady–and then he says the line he is most well known for-“Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?” So we are nothing more than “hoes” and “bitches” for this man. He makes money off the hard working backs of the females that he despises so much.

There are too many examples to list, but he did commonly refer to models as “PITA’s” Pain In The Ass. He even said how he wished he could kick one model from his site solely for the reason that she was a PITA. He has a database of models he has kicked from his site, and some of them the reasons are listed as “PITA” or “Clueless.” Maybe they were nothing more than a bitch he wanted to choke.

I have included more screenshots below of how the owner of Cammodeldirectory was disrespectful of the women who worked for him.

Another example that stands out in my mind is one that involves a transexual woman that was listed on his site. Non-CIS women face so much stigma and discrimination already. It would behoove any Indie Site owner to show them respect. This model went to him, wanting recognition for her hard work. Something lacking on his site. He answered in the most cruel and cold manner. He said to me that this model would have to understand that not everyone gets a trophy, or she would have to get over it. It shattered this model. And it only reinforced the stigma and discrimination that she already faces on an everyday basis. Because of the sensitivity of that situation and out of respect for that model, I have decided not to include those screenshots.

That is really how this man feels about the women who work for him. This man who supposedly holds the women who are listed on his site in high regard. He doesn’t. He repeatedly would refer to himself as a pimp when he and I talked. Sadly, I saw too late that he was not joking. That is really how he sees the himself and the women listed on his site. Him as the pimp and us as the hoes.

Other Indie Camsites & Skype based Sites:

I will say that I have had good experiences on other Skype Based Indie Camsites (Skyprivate and LiveCamModelShows) and Independent Payment Processors. Independent Payment Processors such as IndieBill and LCMS have been nothing but respectful of their models and clients. There is no drama, no choking of bitches, and no thinly veiled comments about blackmailing clients.

In fact, Indie Bill is solely a payment processor. They are not a site of any kind. Not a listing directory. Each model is reponsible for running her own business. Indie Bill absolutely NEVER shares any information about the client with the models. It is like running your debit card through the machine at a store. The only thing we have is the transaction ID, what you booked/purchased, and anything such as a Skype ID or Snapchat ID you have sent us.

Another popular site, Niteflirt, values itself on privacy of models and clients. If there is any breech of privacy it is because the model or client exchanged personal information.

More Reading of CamMOdelDirectory Owner’s Behavior

Here is CMD Owner calling model Claudia Smith a “dumbass:”

Here is on of the times he called a model a PITA and Banned her from his site because she was a PITA=Pain In The Ass:

On a seperate occassion CMD Owner again was trashing model Claudia Smith:

Here the CMD owner is talking about a “super cute” but “clueless” model. He seemed so annoyed by her in this conversation:


I could go on all day with these screenshots. But after almost a year of conversations with this man, there is just not enough room to post them all. Including over a thousand emails that I did not even delve into.

And to be quite honest, this was incredibly painful. While I am glad to be free of the cancer that this man is, there is still pain. It is something I do no have the emotional energy to invest in. I would rather be focused on my business. However, I felt that there was a duty to warn others of his behavior.

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