Is CamModelDirectory Safe for Clients & Camgirls II

You are NOT safe on CamModelDirectory Owner Mark Baldwin has a history of doxing and outting models
Think your safe on CamModelDirectory? Think again. Keep reading to find out how the owner put my life in danger.
Update February 5, 2018:

IndieBill has recently bought CamModelDirectory. You can read more about that here. I have asked IndieBill for clarification on some issues that are plaguing CMD. I am still waiting to hear back. As soon as I do receive word, I will update this blog as appropriate.

I will say that the culture of harassment and abuse still seem to be plaguing CamModelDirectory. Mark Baldwin is still in the picture, and until he is out of the picture completely, it is unlikely this will change. Performers cyberbullying and harassing one another is still as prevalent as it ever was. Models are too scared to speak out, especially while Mark Baldwin is still with the operation.

Original Article

I had really hoped I had put all of this heartache behind me. I had hoped I could get the original piece out as a warning to camgirls and clients and be done with this. I wanted to warn others that CamModelDirectory was not a safe place to be listed as a camgirl or safe to use as a client. I wanted nothing more to do with the owner, Mark Allen Baldwin, or his site, CamModelDirectory.

Sadly, this is not in the rearview mirror just yet. It appears that Mark Baldwin has released my private information to a woman who has been stalking me for months. This information was used to dox me and threats on my life were made by this woman and her associate. Any woman in this adult business already knows the danger that comes from your personal information being out there.

Even if it is removed, how many people have seen it? How much damage has been done? Have other models who would do you in seen it? Have clients seen it? It is like a dandelion, the information has been released, the damage has only just begun. The fallout will continue for a long time.

And then threats have been made on my life by seemingly deranged women who have been stalking me for months. It gets pretty scary when they were given my personal information by a CamSite Owner–CamModelDirectory owner Mark Allen Baldwin. I should have ran the minute he threatened to dox a model for me when he and I were first beginning our relationship. When he first started flirting with me. I should have seen that if he will threaten to dox one model, he would easily have done it to me, and he did do it. As if outting me to my medical malpractice attorney wasn’t bad enough, he released my personal information to a deranged woman.

Now my life is in danger because a man hell bent on revenge, a man reacting out of narcissistic rage, out of pure spite and vengence released my information to a woman who has been stalking me for months. This woman appears to be mentally unstable. My strong suspicion is severe Bipolar II with Rapid Cycling or even Schizophrenia. Every indicator is there of these severe mental illnesses.

I will not discuss the details of this woman’s stalking, or her associates, because that gives them what they want, attention. I will only say that threats were made on my life today, my personal information released online. And I strongly believe, with all my heart feel it was Mark Baldwin who gave her this information. The only connection I have had with this woman–whom I have never interacted with, is that we were both listed on CamModelDirectory. No other way that she could have gotten my private information.

CamModelDirectory is under DDM Internet Marketing, LLC. Mark Allen Baldwin is the registered owner and sole member of this LLC. Please, ladies and gentleman, Camgirl or client, you are NOT safe on this site.

If you want to let Mark Baldwin know how you feel, please feel free to contact me for his contact information.

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