Can CamModelDirectory Ask for Your Photo ID?

CamModelDirectory Owner, Mark Baldwin, is violating Merchant Rules of Visa and Mastercard by asking cam clients for their photo ID’s. Keep reading to find out what you can do about it.

Update June 25, 2018

After repeated requests, IndieBill and EliteIT LLC have not answered my questions. I have asked several times if they still intend to continue with these unsafe and illegal methods of handling your information. All requests for information were ignored, and I was asked more than once to consider removing my blog posts, with no other information provided by IndieBill.

Please read the upcoming blog about how I know this.

UPDATE February 5, 2018

Mark Baldwin is no longer owner of CamModelDirectory. CMD is no longer under DDM Inernet Marketing, LLC. The controlling share of CamModelDirectory was bought on January 8, 2018 by IndieBill. It is listed under EliteIT LLC. I am waiting back from IndieBill to see if they will continue the practice of asking clients for copies of their photo ID’s. As soon as I have received answers from IndieBill, I will update this blog accordingly. Please see my other blog post on the aquisition of CamModelDirectory.

Please note that DDM Internet Marketing, LLC is still listed as “active” according to the most recent information from the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office.

Can Mark Baldwin, CamModelDirectory Owner Ask clients for their Photo ID?

In a past post I discussed how the owner of CamModelDirectory is careless with your personal identifying information, financial information and more, leaving both client and cammodel vulnerable to having their identity stolen. Today, I will be discussing how Mark Baldwin, owner of CamModelDirectory, is violating the rules of Visa, Mastercard, other credit card companies, North Carolina State law, by asking for a copy of your photo ID, and what you can do about it.

In a past post, I shared with you that Mr. Baldwin, CMD Owner, sometimes requires that clients send in a picture of their photo ID’s (driver’s license, passport, and other government issued ID’s). Mr. Baldwin sends out an email that states this is not unlike “brick and mortar establishments asking for ID.” Here is what is wrong with that:

  1. As discussed in a pervious post, Mr. Baldwin keeps your photo ID in an email. His Gmail account, to be specific. And he never deletes it. Leaving you vulnerable to hackers gaining your personal identifying information along with your credit card information.
  2. This is against the rules for credit card companies. It is what credit card companies call a “Merchant Violation.”
  3. This is in violation of North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter 14, Article 19B.

Mr. Baldwin is counting on you not complaining because of the secrecy that clients typically want with a transaction involving adult services. Furthermore, now he has your address and contact information. And as discussed in a previous post, Mr. Baldwin has stated that he keeps information with the intent to use it against clients. A client is less likely to refute a charge or complain, even if you did not receive the services promised, if a porn site has a copy of your photo ID on file. In a word, blackmail.

What Recourse Do You Have?

1. Register a complaint with the respective credit card companies.

You can complain to the credit card companies. These companies will not reveal your information to Mr. Baldwin if you complain. Simply put, Mr. Baldwin is NOT allowed to require you to send in “supplemental identification” before completing a transaction. It is a violation of the terms of service that merchants are required to abide by if they want to accept credit cards.

For your conveinence, I have provided links to all the major credit card companies and examples of how to fill out the form.

*If you have the email sent to you by Mr. Baldwin of CamModelDirectory requesting your identification, save it. It is unlikely that you will be asked to provide this information, but in the event you are, you have proof.

Mark Baldwin 260 Usdasdi dr, brevard nc 28712 919-649-3027 919-303-0359 919-327-3333
Use the merchant information for DDM Internet Marketing, LLC in the form above in your complaint. For your convenience, simply click on the image above to be taken to Mastercard’s Merchant Complaint Form
Jane Marie Burgess 1805 E La Jolla Dr Tempe AZ 85282 480-829-0312
In the space for additional information, fill in the space with something similar to the information above. For your convenience, click the image to be taken to Visa’s Merchant Complaint Form

2. Register a complaint with the North Carolina Secretary Of Sate.

CamModelDirectory is listed as being an entity of DDM Internet Marketing, LLC. Mark A. Baldwin is the registered owner (and sole member) of DDM Internet Marketing, LLC. DDM Internet Marketing, LLC is registered as a business in the state of North Carolina. And North Carolina’s General Statutes, Chapter 14, Section 19B forbids Mr. Baldwin from requiring customers to provide identification before a transaction is completed.

Therefore, no matter what your location is, Mr. Baldwin cannot require you to provide ID as his business is registered in North Carolina. Put simply, he is breaking the law.

For your convienence, I have included links to the North Carolina Secretary of State for the complaint form and the business filings for Mr. Baldwin’s, Limited Liability Corporation, DDM Internet Marketing. If you do wish to file this complaint-I will provide the postage. If possible, please print out and include the email sent to you by Mr. Baldwin in which he requested a picture of your photo ID.

Mark Allen Baldwin 260 usdasdi dr, brevard, nc 28712 phone numbers 919-649-3027, 919-303-0359, 919-327-3333, 919-355-8308
Use the information I have entered as a guide for your complaint. For your convenience, simply click the image to be taken to the Complaint form for the North Carolina Secretary of State
Mark Baldwin, 260 Usdasdi Dr, Brevard NC 28712 ph: 919-814-5400, 919-649-3027, 919-303-0359, 919-327-3333
This is the publicly available Annual Filing for 2017. This shows the information you need for a complaint against Mark Baldwin/DDM Internet Marketing, LLC. Please be aware that the Principle Office Address listed here is in fact a PO Box, which is against North Carolina Laws governing LLC’s. Click the image to be taken to this form.


3. Register a complaint with the issuing bank for your credit or debit card.

You will need to contact the issuing bank for the information on how to file a complaint. You can typically find the contact information on the back of your card. It is probably best and easiest to file a complaint with the actual credit card company and the North Carolina Secretary of State.


If a transaction has been flagged as suspicious or as possible fraud, then ID can be requested, but it must not be stored. There are a couple of things we need to break down here.

1. Flagged transactions: This is something your bank will do, and you will receive a notification from your bank. A transaction is not “suspicious” or “flagged” because Mr. Baldwin doesn’t like something about it, you, or your spending habits. A suspicious or flagged transaction is something that your credit card company or your bank decides. Not Mr. Baldwin.

2. Storing the ID: Mr. Baldwin has clients send in photos of their ID via email. Mr. Baldwin does not delete these emails. He personally bragged to me on numerous occasions that he saves everything and never deletes anything. This means that your photo ID, along with your credit card information is sitting in his email account (and who knows where else) waiting for a hacker to steal your information and identity.


There are several issues with Mr. Baldwin’s business practices.

  • Mr. Baldwin is violating consumer privacy
  • Mr. Baldwin is in violation of North Carolina Statutes Chapter 14, Article 19B
  • Mr. Baldwin is in violation of the rules for merchants for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover

If you have been told by Mr. Baldwin that you are required to provide your ID before completing a transaction, you do have options. Report him to the credit card companies and the North Carolina Secretary of State. And you can always take your business elsewhere. Most cammodels have other payment processors through which you can pay them. Unblur values your privacy (Consumer and Cammodel) more than any other payment processor I use.

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